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Thread: which method should i use?????

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    Default which method should i use?????

    i have tried to back up this movie but have no luck, have read a lot of guides but still somthing is going wrong! Im doing the big 3 method doitfast4u demux by pgc or should i demux by vobid?

    when i demux it dif4u I select all the PGC from VTS01 which contains the main movie, their 58 PGC in that VtS. Then when demux is finished i end up with the untuched stuff and one with everything that was demuxed that folder ends up biger then then original dvd, is that normal, then i encode and enter it into scenarist every thing looks fine except when i click on any of the cell they say that they a place holdes and dosent play simulation. I tried the audio streams in simulation mode and they play fine its the video that dose not work and dose not compile.

    What should i do to back it up? please help? any suggestions?

    Here the .info file of the movie that i want to back-up
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    I've yet to delve into the big three method. I looked at your file in IfoEdit but don't know enough yet.
    Have you tried with DVD Shrink?
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