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Thread: Intervideo DVD Copy

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    Default Intervideo DVD Copy

    I am currently evaluating the trial version of Intervideo DVDCopy

    On their website it says that it can copy a 9.4 gb dvd to a 4.7 without
    loss of quality or content so i was hoping to try that.

    Anyways I chose the source dvd rom and output on my "e:" disk drive,
    it seems to copy everything fine but immediately after it finishes
    copying, the files get deleted!

    By the way, my "temp files folder" (c:\temp) is different from my
    output forder (e:\videos)

    Does anyone know what the problem could be?

    Thank you!

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    Yea, im having the same problem ive been messing with my computer for a few days now and i am totally lost at what could be causing the problem, if anyone can help please do so.

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