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    i have been trying to convert my divx movies to dvd, thats easy enough. The problem is that i live in AUS and my divx movies are in ntsc(23 FPS) and i need them in Pal (25fps) so it will play in our AUS dvd players, if i do a straight conversion in tmpgenc the movie jumps to make up the extra frames. If i use virtualdub to convert the video and then goldwav to strip and change the length of the audio track to match the video track exactly and then merge the two files into a mpeg 2 in tmpgenc, but then the audio is always out of sync. please help, is there an all in one program that will do this, i have been looking at "avi 2 dvd" and "super dvd creator" but i'm not sure if they will convert the frame rate and keep the audio in sync. am i doing something wrong ?.

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    Have you tried using VirtualDubMod to process the video and audio together?
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