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Thread: Major problem while burning

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    Default Major problem while burning

    Hi everyone,
    Today I bought two different brand of DVD-R, Emtec and B.O.S.
    Maybe you don't know them but several days ago I burned on B.O.S. without any problem.

    Today, I did the same thing I ever did with Nero 6 and it's impossible to record.

    I always have the message "Illegal Disc" and "Could not perform start of disc-at-once"

    I really can't understand, everything was fine with my older DVD today I bought new ones and they don't work.

    I buckuped the original DVDs with DVD Shrink as ever

    I have a DVD-R/RW NEC 1300A recoder.

    Does anyone can help !!!!!!!
    Is there a protection on the new DVDs???

    I saw that someone posted for a similar problem but noone gave him a solution cause he wasn't specific enough. Hope there is enough information on my post.

    Thank you everyone

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    I don't know B.O.S. but I know Princo. Some reviewers on the DVDR help site say their NEC1300 works ok with them. I buy a drum of them and zilch. Maybe just a bad batch.
    I don't know Nero well as it fails to recognise my writer (bundled with an earlier CDWriter) but have you checked for upgrade? V6 is buggy by all accounts.
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    Version 6 Nero is seriously flawed. I would recommend upgrade as Sfheath specified also

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