I currently edit using DPS Velocity and can output to DV using SoftDV and a IEEE card. This function controlled by SoftDV does a fine job when recording to or from a DV tape device such as a camcorder. When doing so there are protocols that control the tape transport of said recorder.

I also have a Sharp DVD that has DV I/O using IEEE that can record and playback to a similiar connected device, such as a DV tape recorder. Tape control protocols are are used but not necessary in order to provide DV I/O.

However the the Sharp DVD device is not compatible with the IEEE card of the PC computer system as noted by the disclaimer in the Sharp manual that states "The DV input output is not compatible with connection to a PC." Further it states that it uses that it uses DVC-SD signals.

So are there varying DV formats and if so what might be the solution?