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Thread: NERO copy probs....

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    Angry-2 NERO copy probs....

    I cant copy DVDs with NERO.I ruined 3-4 DVDs when Itried to copy already backuped DVDs.It makes image..but when start to burn it blocks ?!?

    I can make copys, but with ImgTOOL and Decrypter (as I do DVD backups - I found Howto on this site )..but I want to copy DVDs (DVDs alreday backuped DVD-5 4.7GB) with some other program.

    Something like NERO has with CDs...onthefly or not...

    But my biggest bother is why NERO wouldnt copy...

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    The SAFEST way to make copies using NERO (without getting into a discussion of primary or secondary EIDE lines and master/slave configurations) is to:

    1) From NERO's "Recorder" dropdown menu, click on "Choose Recorder - and select "Image Recorder". This will allow NERO to copy an .NRG (image) file to your hard drive (in your "My Documents" folder, unless you direct it otherwise.

    2) From NERO's "Recorder" dropdown menu, click on "Choose Recorder - and select your burner

    3) From NERO's "File" dropdown menu, click on "Burn Image" - and select the ".NRG" image file

    4) Burn

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    What version are you using?
    Nero did have problems with DVD2DVD copy in earlier versions, but it has now seemingly been fixed in the latest versions.

    I have done many DVD2DVD 'on the fly' copies with Nero lately without any problem at all.

    As for creating an image with Nero first, if you prefer to do it this way, it is unecessary. Just uncheck the box for 'on the fly' in the copy options and Nero will automatically create the image on the hard drive and then burn it.

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