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Thread: Copying VHS to DVD

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    Exclamation-2 Copying VHS to DVD

    We just bought a LiteOn 5001 +R burner. This is a stand alone model not a computer drive.

    It works fine, but my wife wanted to buck up a lot of commercial VHS tapes we bought onto DVD+R for longevity. Some will copy, but some show a copy protect message on the DVD screen and will not copy.

    How can we get around this. We are concerned that are large collection of movies is degrading with time.


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    Your burner is probably detecting the Macrovision copy protection signal present on most pre-recorded video tapes.

    Depending on your Video player you may be able to switch of the macrovision signal internally or with a hack.

    Your other option is to use a Frame Sync or Time Base Corrector to strip the vertical blanking containing the Macrovision flag.
    These can be purchased on the net.

    You may also be able to transfer the Video to your PC first and then create the DVD.
    Some capture cards can be hacked to ignore the macrovision signal or will do anyway.
    I have one that isn't affected by the signal.

    Here is alink you may be interested in:

    If you any good at electronics you may wish to take a look at this link:

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