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Thread: Help, Can't read CDFS VCD. Want to burnd DVD form it.

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    Default Help, Can't read CDFS VCD. Want to burnd DVD form it.

    Hi, I have a VCD. Bought from China. When I open it in windos explore, it claims there are 600MB of data on the bottom left of the screen. Format is CDFS. However, on the drop down window where the files are listed, it is listed as empty. I can not view this on my computer and can only watch on my home DVD player.

    I have been able to burn cd copy to cd, but I really want to burn it on Dvd with other files for storage. This is a problem because none of my DVD/CD burning program will recognize that there is a cd in the rom. (yet, I am able to burn cd to cd exact copy)

    Is there a way that I can view these files so that I can do a drag and drop to burn mabye 7 vcds in one dvd? Please help.

    Searched everywhere on the web. I am confused. Thanks.
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