Hey milkshake,

I've got the same problem. I just noticed it. I have to burn the disk, pop it in my player and forward it to the end to see if it burned correctly. What a pain in the ass. It's just like back when CD-R's would burn coasters. Just when you think they've got the bugs out... BLAM!

Anyway. I've got the same LiteOn burner with the latest firmware... I've been using Nero 6.0.

I've ripped a 4GB movie with Shrink... Burned it to two DVD's and had it work on one and not on the other. I only use Verbatim DVD-R and burn them at 2x.

I think I'm going to try turning on and off my writer (I've got it set up as a Firewire external) to see if if it clears the buffer or something. I dunno what could be causing the prob, but it is the suck.

Lemme know if you find anything.