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Thread: External DVD burner for laptop help

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    Default External DVD burner for laptop help

    Hi...I am looking for an external dvd burner for my laptop that supports all formats. I have realized that internal burners are much cheaper then external ones, and have thought of purchasing an internal burner and an external enclosure (such as one that you would use to make an internal hard drive and external one) . I believe these enclosures allow your internal drive to be accessed via the usb port. Do you guys have any suggestions about this or what kind of enclosure to purchase so that the speed of the burner is not greatly effected? Will this make the drive much slower because it will be converted to an internal one? Would I be better off spending more money on an external burner then to try to convert one the way I have explained? Also, should I wait a few months to buy a burner because some new sort of technology will come out? And last question, how long do you think it will take me to burn a dvd with my "converted" external burner? Thanks.

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    I bought an IOMagic internal drive, a 5 1/4 external drive bay with USB 2.0, and a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card. This thing works great and I carry it everywhere I go

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