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Thread: Need Help Burning Dvd (+/-) r's

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    Default Need Help Burning Dvd (+/-) r's

    I just bought a micro advantage dvd burning (+/-) format. I am using nero to burn. I am actually using nero vision express . Every dvd i have burnt doesnt work on any dvd player I have, it only works on X-box. I have an apex ad-1225 plus 3 other apex players around the house, none reconize the dvd. What am i doing wrong. It take atleast 3 hours to burn a dvd and then to find out it doesnt work really kills!! Doesnt nero encode it right, mpeg 2? Do i have to format or finalize thes blamk dvd's. Can someone please help me. I am wasting so many expensive dvds....Memorex, Fuji & liquid video dvds
    Thank You

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    First go to this site to see what you're players are capable of

    I would try using the DVDvideo mode of Nero to burn the disks and make sure use the proper disk format (- or +) that your player supports.

    Good luck

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    Jaysus, 3 hours?!
    Don't bother with Nero vision express, you will get better results and in a far quicker time with DVDshrink then just burn in DVDvideo mode with Nero.

    Also make sure your DVD player can read the format of disks you are using.

    Not all DVD players can read DVD-R and DVD+R, some only do one or the other.

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