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Thread: question for the professionals out there...

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    Default question for the professionals out there...

    ...has anyone out there experimented with VOB files enough to have an answer to this question:

    well, maybe it's not a question but here's what i'm hoping to do. i want to rip a DVD with decrypter & b 4 i use DVD shrink i'd like to add the contents of another ripped DVD to the same folder so when DVD shrink reads it, i can choose whatever portions of the two discs is going to shrink to one disc.

    it seems that every DVD has a VIDEO_TS VOB file, followed by a BUP & IFO file. then, there's a BUP & IFO file for the first VTS_01_0 VOB file. then VOB files that are labelled VTS_01_2, 3 & so on.

    basically, i'd like to put the best portions of two different pornos on one DVD. also, i'm just curious what those files are & i'd like to learn a little more about the authoring possibilities b 4 SHRINKing.

    any help would be appreciated.



    PS_david bowie gave a great performance on january 9th in detroit...i even fit the whole thing [2 1/2 hours!] on one little minidisc! my first bootleg, and it turned out great!

    PPS_i don't want to tick anyone off but i'm not real sure how to navigate through these forums well. i'm guessing this is technically a DVD shrink related question & i noticed the request from the administrator to post all related questions to the new 'sub' menu? wasn't sure how to get there...sorry
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    yes it would be best if you would put this question in dvd srink forum and for the question about those two putting together i think you must use some other softwere to cut it

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