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Thread: Ifo edit help seriously required

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    Default Ifo edit help seriously required


    1st a cheers to admin for a fine how to

    guide , but I`m still lost

    I read ifo edit is the way to go if I want

    to keep dvd lossless , including

    extras / chapters etc , so I used it

    probs start here ..

    in dvd decrypt , with dvd in drive ,

    all files are hilited/selected , all 25 in

    this case . & the guide says remember

    these files & open those in IFOedit

    When I launch Ifo edit , I see as

    follows as options to open


    & four more , VTS_01_0.ifo to


    If I choose the 1st option , nothing

    happens , I cant access vob extras

    menu , or go any further.

    If I choose ie: 1st vts I only get part

    of the movie , if I choose all 4 vts

    the prog crashes part way in progress

    I believe the 3rd vts gave me the

    largest output of about 5 gigs in 2

    files , but windows reads DvD as

    7.63 gigs , & I believe this indicates

    the entire flick hasnt been ripped ?

    Should I change select files of all types

    so I have access to more file types ?

    I`m real perplexed here , but I know I

    can learn this program as it`s interface

    is well designed & friendly -

    Further advice is much needed ,

    anticipated & greatly appreciated

    PS my email has changed since my

    last post , how can I update that ?


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    Best buy sold me blank DvD -

    & told me I needed these to play in my

    home DvD player , but I read DvD +

    is required in the guide

    Does it matter which I use ?

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