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Thread: DVD Decrypter Burn, then DVD Shrink, then brun

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    Default DVD Decrypter Burn, then DVD Shrink, then brun

    I ma having trouble burning a dual layered DVD using DVD Decrypter ( and DVD Shrink (3.1). I have the newest versions of both. I go into the setting and make sure that all listed copy-protects have been checked, wait until it has been decrypted, then go the DVD shrink, pull it up, let it analyze it, and when I go to back up, it says "Disc copy protected!" Isn;t that what decrypter was supposed to eliminate? There is no check place for CSS. Is this a problem?

    Please advise on how I am doing something wrong, or what the software problem is.

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    Does this happen when you hit the backup button on Shrink or when you go to burn using your burner software. What Burner software are you using?
    Also, go and get Shrink ver 3.1.2, this has sorted a few bugs as well.
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