I am rather new in the video edit and DVD world. I started editting home movies and burn them on DVD using UVS 7.0 on XP. Burning (Liteon DVD+RW LDW-4015) a 60 min movie on a 4.7 Gb DVD recordable works perfect. I now want to burn a 90 min movie. When I go in UVS 7.0 via "share-create " to "disc template manager", there is a choice between "high quality" (60 min on a DVD), "good quality" (90 min on a DVD) and more. I click the 90 min option and give close. But it does not work, in the last page where the order "burning" has to be given, it is shown that the movie is 5 Gb and only 4.4 Gb is available on the empty DVD. What is overseen by this beginner? I hope somebody can give me an advice.
thanks in advance, Jeffrey Speek