I recently upgraded my pc...my SOny DRU-500A worked fine in my old system, but now in my new system this is whats happening...

First off..let me tell you what I loaded..I loaded Windows XP Professional, then going to Internet Explorer Windows update and updating all critical patches, etc. I pretty much ran all the updates except for Journal viewer,.NET framework and 2 others.

I have my Sony DRU-500A setup on my secondary IDE Channel with the jumper set to Master and my Memorex 52x cd burner set as the slave.

I let Windows XP automatically detect my Sony..It found the most updated (that I know of) firmware 2.0g...so I didnt have to update.

Now with the issue....

I thought I would test out the drive with a data disc of music that I created with the same burner on my old system. Well...it wouldnt read it at all. The disc...a Sony brand DVD+R worked perfectly on my old system. Thinking that it was a fluke, I decided to create a data disc on a DVD-R disc...a disc full of jpegs. It burns sucessfully, but will not open with the DRU-500A. So I decide to take these 2 "coasters" to work to test out on my old dvd rom drive...worked like a charm!!!

So I guess my question is...What is the deal??? Am I missing something here? It worked like a charm on my old system...an old PIII 700...now I have a P4 3gig with a gig of ram. Is there a windows xp patch I need to run? I read somewhere about updating ASPI? I just need help! Please! Anyone? Anyone?