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Thread: when do I use DVD-R and DVD+R? in which DVD Players?

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    Default when do I use DVD-R and DVD+R? in which DVD Players?

    I have a little problem with this question: "Which DVD R to use? + or - ?"

    If someone could help me I would like to know wich of these is the best one to record, the differences, the DVD players where they play the best (brands like SONY, PHILIPS)

    For egxample I can only play DVD+R in my SONY DVD Player. but in my Philips DVD Player I can play DVD+R and DVD-R.. but then, my friend can't play DVD+R in his SONY DVD Player.. Odd!

    Tiago Cabašo.

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    Just use the one that works for you the best. If you player prefer + then use that.

    My Sony NS900 works with both - and + as well as two other players. I tend to use + discs as my first burner was + only. I have stack of +RW's.

    You can check your player at this site.


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    What model of burner do you have?

    If your lucky and have one that can use bitsetting software then you can use DVD+R disks and just set the book type to DVD-ROM which should allow you to play the DVD in ALL players.

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