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Thread: NEC ND-2500 writing at 2.4x only

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    Default NEC ND-2500 writing at 2.4x only


    Apologies if this subject has been covered many, many times before.... but....

    I'm using:

    NEC ND-2500 8x drive
    Nero 6 express
    Windows XP
    Bulkpaq 4x DVD+R discs

    I know the drive obviously won't write at 8x on the 4x discs, I'll get some 8x discs when I actually see them around for a decent price, but can anybody shed any light as to why my drive is only writing at 2.4x? Does anybody know of any known issues with this drive/software?

    WIth it being the "user-friendly" (ahem) version of nero, it's got a lot of the options greyed out... the speed being one of them. I've had a look to see if there are any utilities used to determine the writing speed, the only one I can find seems to meaure the read speed only. UNless of course I'm doing anything wrong. What do you suggest I do first, try new discs, new software, or a firmware upgrade?

    Thanks in advance, from a DVD writing newbie

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    I'd suggest that you see if there's a firmware update available.

    By the way, are you CERTAIN the discs aren't R/Ws?

    Lastly, there have been a myriad of negative comments regarding the quality of "Bulkpac" burnable media...

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