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Thread: Problem with Burning

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    Default Problem with Burning

    Hi, when I have videos I encode them from AVI to VOB, now on Nero 6 which I have it says that you place these files into the video_ts folder when creating a DVD correct? I do this and then go to the next screen and it comes up with the problem saying DVD-Video Compliance test failure, and if i write the DVD anyway it doesnt work in my DVD player. Any Ideas?

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    One set of procedures (other posters may/probably will suggest alternative methods) would be:

    1) Use "TMPGEnc" to convert the .AVI (DivX-compressed or otherwise) to compliant MPEG2-for-DVD format - Use "TMPGEnc's" DVD wizard/template to accomplish this

    2) Use "TMPGEnc DVD Author" (a different program than "TMPGEnc") to easily create the required additional DVD files and structure (and chapters and a menu, if you wish)

    **If the combined filesize of the DVD "package" written to your hard drive is greater than 4.37Gb, use DVD Shrink (or similar) to compress

    If your O/S is either Win2000 or WinXP, TMPGEnc DVD Author can also burn your DVD. Otherwise, use NERO to burn in "DVD-Video" mode
    (As an alternative to "TMPGEnc DVD Author", you could use "DVDLab")

    Let us know of your success ;>}

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    "When I have videos I encode them....."

    Would you clarify, so that the forum will understand more easily?

    What videos are you referring to?
    Are they dvd's, vhs or are you referring to Divx, etc.?

    If all that's missing is a file, there are some freeware proggies which will fix the folder'scontent.

    If the video is a DVD, your answer is easy.
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