This is a post I'm posting for my friend. Help him huh.
I'm personally curious how stable an iso file is. Lets say someone ripped an 8 gig iso, split the file in two (like cutting it in half), burned on two dvd's. Then later, just copyied the files and merged them back together. Would the iso mount and play like a normal dvd would, if it had a bad byte here or there? I burned personally an iso to a glitched disk (where there was a slight glitch every 15 megs or so), then ripped that glitched disk to iso, and mounted it. The iso played like the dvd it was ripped from, it was glitchy, but it played. So in theory, an iso file is quite stable correct? Possible to split them with a file splitter, cause I dont trust archive programs such as winrar, etc...Or is an iso like any archive (winrar) where they go to hell if a byte isn't what it should be? My friend wants them backed up as bootables, but I just want the dvd's to be backed up as good as possible with as little inconvenience as possible, cause we got quite a few. Id rather have menu's and the vobs intact (not cutup and rearranged) than have them bootable at the moment.

(My friend's post)
Trying to split a region 2 dual layer to two dvdr's without menu or quality loss.
First i want to say that I always use dvd decrytor to rip in file mode.
My trouble started when I first tried using Ifoedit.
Now you may ask, what was the trouble?`
Each time I tried to split the dvd in the middle (chapter 16 pf 32),
it made a folder that was 1.6 gig, and another nearly 7 gig (the rest of the dvd).
I found this strange, and thought i might had done something wrong, so i tried again.
And got same result.
Then, i tried splitting the dvd at chapter 15 of 32, that went alright.
After i burned the dvd, i got an unpleasent surprize:
(every episode is chaptered up in -intro, review from last episode, eye cath, last part of the episode,
ending and preview)

But, instead, i got this weird setup:
first dvd was like
Ep1-like original
Ep2-like original
Ep3-like original, expect no preview

-preview from last ep first!
Ep4-Intro and ending missing!
Ep5-Intro and ending missing!
Ep6-Intro and ending missing!

I did several tests, and each time i turned out like this,
i even did a test where i split at chapter 17, but it was basicly the same, only that the last
"episode" on dvd1 got an intro and ending attached to it..

I decided to try other programs,
moved on trying DVDFAB.
100% same results when i tried the option
"copy complete movie", expect that there were no menus on dvd2 (this is the way dvdfab does things, so nothing
un usual here).
However, when i chose not to have menus,(main movie only), I got the episode setup perfect:
ep1-like original
ep2-like original
ep3-like original (YES, with preview!)

ep1-like original (YES, with opening and endings)
ep2-like original
ep3-like original

However, I need to have menus, so i moved on in my quest for the perfect split.

Next program i tried was DVDXCOPY, since I'd heard so much good about it, but that was the worst I could've done.
It seemed to split alright, but what i got was 1 episode on first dvd, and nothing more, it didnt even want to
burn anything on the second one.

Tried clonedvd, couldn't get it to work either.
So now,
I'm here, and dont really know what to do,
if you can help me, I could be very grateful!

PS! I sent the ifo file to a friend of mine that said he had looked at many ifo files, and he said he couldnt understand it at all,
if anyone want to take a look at the ifo files, ill be ready to send em
To contact me, email me at
Bye, and thanks for your time.