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Thread: Help with ripping/burning first DVD

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    Default Help with ripping/burning first DVD

    Just installed a new dual 8x DVD burner which came with Sonic MyDvd. Could someone give me a quick tutorial on how I would go about trying to make a “full” (chapters, special features, soundtracks) backup copy of one of my DVD movies using DVDShrink to decrypt the movie and MyDvd to burn it. Can I get a whole dual layer DVD movie onto a single DVD blank with DVDShrink? Hopefully its not too difficult. My brother bought a copy of DVD-X Copy Gold to do the same thing, but before I did that, I thought I would try the “freeware” solution. Thanks,


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    Go to the DVD Shrink-specific sub-forum(s) here - and click on any posting by "ddlooping" - You'll find a link to DVD Shrink "how-tos"...

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    Go to (ddlooping's site) for an easy to understand guide on using 'Shrink. With the deep analysis mode and aspi layer installed, or even SPTI (on XP), your back-up will be better than XPress back-up.

    Caution : when shrinking, do not "still pictures" menu items.

    You are correct to choose other than XPress for a D-9 back-up.

    2 other programs ( both freewares ) for a complete back-up solution are DVDDecrypter v. and IMG Classic v. 0.91.1 (by and an XP system or aspi installed (Adaptec site and beta file extractor) might be needed.

    Welcome to dvd back-ups, you'll find most everything @ ddlooping's site ('Shrink guides), there are many easy to understand 'decrypter guides and IMG Classic has an included (in download) easy to understand guide. IMG Classic is a software that will convert the shrunken files (from 'Shrink) into an Iso image which 'Decrypter will burn on most all systems and is playable on most standalones that play -R's and +R's.

    The above 3 freewares will back-up @ least 98 % of all DVD's. The commercial solutions are @ best capable of only about 95%. If you back-up foreign films, the commercial solutions become severely limited.

    After you gain some experience, you can then tackle some other freewares, such as SmartRipper and vstrip, etc.. Lots of talk about commercial programs such as DVDXcopy, Nero, CCE, TMPEG, etc., but if you purchase such (as some of us have), you may find the solution to the "problem" dvd back-ups are most often solved with the freeware solution.

    The above 3 freewares do not contain any spyware (as reported by my spyware detecting software) and do not interfere with other software on your system, neither does the aspi layer from Adaptec. Buying the commercial solutions is a waste of time (effort) and money for the serious dvd enthusiast.
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