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Thread: Saving DIVX avi's to DVD writer

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    Default Saving DIVX avi's to DVD writer

    Does anyone know when I copy divx avi files to my Pioneer DVRA03 and play back on a laptop with a Torisan DRD-U824 drive, any files over 1gig cannot be played as I get arrors when trying to play them through MicroDVD.

    I know that the files are fine as I can play them back through other DVD drives.

    Do I need to get a particular version of UDF reader to enable >1gig files to be read.

    Any help please.....

    Also.......Does anyone have a firmware patch for the Torisan DRD-U824 dvd drive (version 3.05)

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    Hi... perhaps u should have a look here...

    hope that will help
    There is always a way u can handle it...

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