ripped 5 dvds and i'm in the process of trying to use the DVD to Ogm Basic setup guide. I'm trying to make a DVD2AVi project file. My only problem is that I'm on step#5 trying to make sure the correct audio stream is selected for the project. It says to go to the directory where i ripped my dvd's and there should be a text file called "VTS_01_PGC_01- AV Delay Information.txt (or something similar). I don't see any text file in the directory where the ripped DVD's are! Did I do something wrong while ripping? Is that the reason I don't have the file? Is there any way to find the correct audio stream in another way? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Is it possible that I ripped the dvd in the wrong mode? Can I possibly find out the audio stream> HELP!!!!!!!!!