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Thread: DVD file crypted! How can I rip it anyway?

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    Default DVD file crypted! How can I rip it anyway?

    HI guys.

    I'm looking for some help.
    I tried to rip a DVD movie, but after the first two vob files have been ripped my ripper stopped, and has shown me the message, file....... .vob can not be ripped, because it is crypted.
    Even if I force him to do it, the speed is about 20kb/s, so its gonna take me ages to ripp this particular file, and it probably won't work anyway..
    it is a region2 DVD.

    I have heard, about something called DEMPAA. supposly it will work with this codec/file/prog... whatever it is?

    Does anyone has anything else, to ripp this disc, i'm grateful for any help.

    TA, Bodhi: confused:

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    try Tron's latest SMARTRIPPER version 2.38, which was released two days ago.

    you'll find it on my page

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