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Thread: XP flips my AVIs!

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    Default XP flips my AVIs!

    I've just upgraded from Win2000pro to Windows XP, and all the software I use to play DivX films (from MicroDVD to mediaplayer) shows them flipping the vertical axys. So, image is not rotated of 180░, but actually flipped. Anyone knows how to work it out?

    ps: I've also tried to reinstall the old codecs, but without any change.

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    try tsunamis filter pack 3f

    a link can be found on my page

    stick to the readme when installing
    should work for xp, too

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    I upgraded to XP from 2000 too but I didn't had any problem: I suggest you to do a fresh installation of the OS.
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    I also had the same problem as did quite a few other people I know all of whom had a newly installed version of Win XP (Both home and professional versions).

    You can try this as it has worked for all of us:
    In media player Go to Tools -> Options -> Performance -> Advanced

    Deselect \"Use video mixing renderer\" this fixed the problem for me and still
    allows brightness adjustment and the like.

    if that doesn't work try the following link:

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