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Thread: What Divx Codec & Prog To Use With XP

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    Unhappy What Divx Codec & Prog To Use With XP

    Please Please Please please HELP!

    -I had no prob's with the divx encoding when i was running Windows ME
    now i am running XP
    so far i have not encoded 1 file
    I have tryed to use just about all the encoding programes, even the one i had no probs with in ME (FLASK MPEG)

    90% of the others will not even run and flask crashes at about 85% on all the films i have tryed on it

    the other thing is, what codec is the best to use, do i stick to 3.11 and use the low motion or use the new 4.11

    i am a newby to some on here, but i know a bit

    so please if anyone can help, i might have some hair left if you can LOL
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