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Thread: Problem with Avi file and Codec

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    Default Problem with Avi file and Codec

    I found a similar post on your site.

    I'm a programmer. I know little to nothing about this decompressor. I know that it is related to Microsoft MPEG-4 V2 AVI file compression.

    I have an AVI file that is compressed as V2. I could compress it as V1 which would be bigger if that is easier to find.

    My problem is that i created a program to run the AVI file. It works fine on my laptop. But when i install it on anohter computer, it doesn't work in my program but it will work in Windows Media Player.

    Can anyone at least explain how the decompressor works even if you don't know what to say about my program. I would assume that the decompressor must be on the WinXP machine since Media player will play it.

    the programming language is VB6.


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    I belive (not sure) your program isn't finding the codecs in your computer to play the videos - it should be in your computer, since Media player found it. If it is not, maybe you can download it...

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