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Thread: NOOB needs advice w/ WMV, JPG

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    Default NOOB needs advice w/ WMV, JPG

    I've been using Shrink and Decrypter for quite some time now, so I've got the whole copying thing down.

    But now I'm trying to figure out how to take some videos and stuff I have saved on my hard drive (nothing copyrighted, just random junk) and convert them to DVD so that I can watch them on a DVD player.

    I have decrypter, Shrink and Nero. I tried using Nero, and it tells me that I need to use NeroVision Express to convert the wmv and jpgs.

    Most of the files I have are windows media or mpg's.

    Is there freeware out there that will do the converting? I've serached a lot of sites and found some 'trial' software, like WINavi, but you still have to buy it to use it.

    edit: I know, I know, I wrote 'jpg' in the subject field. I meant mpgs.
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