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    Nero Recode 2 Index Page

    • With Nero Recode 2 you can make backups of unprotected DVDs and also convert DVD movies to Nero Digital using the MPEG-4 audio and video encoder.

    • Nero Recode 2 - for best results choose only the movie and sound track.

    • Use decent quality blank DVDs - a step which far too many skip when first making backups.

    • Burn with Nero 7 - the program you buy to get Nero Recode 2. Use it to burn the backups you've created using Nero Recode 2.
    Guides on how to use Nero Recode 2:

    If you are used to work with DVD Shrink you will find that the same workingsteps and terminology also applies with Nero Recode 2. A comparision between the two programs - made by TRI0N - can be found here. Nero Recode 2 General Questions:
    1. A Compression Quality Test
    2. AEC options in Nero Recode 2
    3. Compression percentage explained
    4. How to set the default streams in Nero Recode 2
    5. Region Codes Explained
    6. What's all this about DMA?
    7. What's the difference between AC3 5.1 and DTS 5.1?
    8. Where does Nero Recode 2 save it's analysis data?
    Nero Recode 2 General Problems:
    1. Why do I have to set a region again on the reader/burner?
    2. Preview Problems?
    3. Your computer crashes, hangs or restarts when you run the program
    Problems with your backups:
    1. If your backup freezes, stutters, skips, or show an abnormal amount of pixelisation
    2. The burning with Nero failed - some clues to why
    Nero Recode 2 Error Codes:
    1. Internal error
    Miscellaneous Good Things To Know:
    1. How to attach stuff to your postings
    2. How to Delete a Post?
    3. How to jump straight to a post in a thread
    4. How to Use the "Print Screen" Button & Post it in a Thread
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