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    Default Creating DVD's...

    Does anyone have any good and easy DVD creators so i can put my anime into DVD so i can play it on my DVD player? Also is there a way to put more than 3 episodes for each Dvd? they are each about 175 KB in .avi.......Thank you for ur help.

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    One set of procedures (other posters may/probably will suggest alternative methods) would be:

    1) Use "TMPGEnc" (or "TMPGEncPlus") to convert the .AVI (DivX-compressed or otherwise) to compliant MPEG2-for-DVD format - Use "TMPGEnc's" DVD wizard/template to accomplish this

    2) Use "TMPGEnc DVD Author" (a different program than "TMPGEnc") to easily create the required additional DVD files and structure (and chapters and a menu, if you wish)

    **If the combined filesize of the DVD "package" written to your hard drive is greater than 4.37Gb, use DVD Shrink (or similar) to compress

    If your O/S is either Win2000 or WinXP, TMPGEnc DVD Author can also burn your DVD. Otherwise, use NERO to burn in "DVD-Video" mode
    (As an alternative to "TMPGEnc DVD Author", you could use "DVDLab")

    Let us know of your success ;>}

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    VSO Divx to dvd.
    Load all 3 episodes at once, by using the ALT key.

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    You can also use dvd santa and winavi they work gret for me.

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