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Thread: DVD Rebuilder - Quickstart Guide

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    Default Rebuilder - a quickstart guide

    Short guide for DVD Rebuilder

    Install AVISYNTH

    In case you want to use CCE or PROCODER as your encoding engine, install them now/before installing dvd rebuilder

    CCE Basic
    PROCODER Express

    Especially the Freeware INSTALLER version will ask for the encoder path during installation

    Install either Rebuilder as freeware version (download the INSTALLER pack!!!) or better go for the PRO version

    First time users: please use Rockas INSTALLER version!!!
    Going pro, you can easily copy the pro version + your key into the rebuilder directory, but the INSTALLER version provides you with all necessary files to run rebuilder properly.


    For the time being rebuilder can be obtained for a donation of $10 as long as it is not the FINAL version

    Having become final, rebuilder will be ~$30 according to the author JDOBBS:

    Those waiting until official release will be required to pay the $29.95 commercial price.
    The release candidates (now being distributed) are the last phase of testing.
    The deal will be ending soon but if you donate now, you can still become a member of the DVD Rebuilder VIP team, and receive the Professional Edition today!

    The following features can NOT be found in the freeware version and they are very good reasons to go PRO:

    · Video Segment Editing -- The ability to select, view video segments, and remove/edit DVD contents
    · Movie and Menus Only capability -- allows you to get the best quality within limited available space
    · Segment Blanking -- Provides you a capability to remove annoying intro screens
    · Slideshow Mode -- Convert "Extra" segments into a slideshow, saving valuable space for the Feature.
    · Advanced Encoding Features -- Modify GOP size, add customized encoder quantizer matrices, set DC precision
    · Movie-Only mode that gives the highest quality possible. Every available bit is dedicated to the feature.
    · One pass encoding support for HC encoder. Gives high quality results in much less time.
    · Graphic Analysis display for use in analyzing the IFO structure -- draws PGC/CELL relationships.
    · ISO file creation is now supported to make it easier to archive or burn DVD-RB's output.
    · Automatic burning using DVD Decrypter -- makes complete DVD Backup truly "one-click."
    · New intuitive interface -- modernizes and simplifies control of your rebuild!
    · Full support for video interleaving (ILVU) -- re-encodes angle and seamless branching.
    · ...and more... with many additional features planned in the near future!
    Because I intend to provide new users of rebuilder with some sort of a quickstart guide, I will not try to explain every setting or each possible usage within rebuilder

    For details please take a look HERE

    Furthermore I will use the latest dvd rebuilder PRO version (1.05.2) and I switch from my AQUA skin, which I have created when skining was made possible for rebuilder, to the DEFAULT skin in some of my screenshots, as skins will have to be downloaded and installed separetely

    Having installed dvd rebuilder, you should check some settings (made during the installation of the freeware version) or you will have to set those options yourself depending on the installation routine

    Go to OPTIONS => SETUP

    Some words on the *Pathes*:
    - CCE versions 2.5x – 2.6x require ECLCCE.exe to be adressed instead of the cce*.exe itself!
    - CCE 2.70 MUST not be adressed via ECLCCE.exe – link to the cce*.exe!
    - Procoder must be adressed via ECLPRO.exe
    - Hank3125’s HCEnc needs: hcBATCH.exe

    Don’t be mislead by the fact that you’ll see the link to CCE 2.50 in my screenshot adressing the (required) eclcce.exe inside a cce 270 path – the eclcce.exe can be placed anywhere you like but this exe will have to link to the very cce*.exe (2.50/2.67/2.69) that you want to use

    I suggest to check the *Special Settings* like my screenshot shows – do not forget to check *run encoders minimized*!

    In the above screenshot it says: audio/subtitles to REMOVE

    The function works like this: check those languages, which you DO NOT want to have selected by default – all UNchecked languages will be selected inside rebuilder (of course you can easily tick those boxes and thus make your choices)

    In case you want to keep ENGLISH, first check ALL and then untick english and SAVE!

    Save and exit the SETTINGS

    The MODE menu

    First of all choose the encoder you want to use:

    I like procoder2 best

    HCEnc is total freeware and might either come as part of rebuilders INSTALLER version or can be downloaded and installed separetely

    CCE is the fastest encoder you could come across

    Quenc is similar to HCEnc (and I prefer HC)

    Rejig is a transcoder and thus of no interest imho, because then you might better use dvd shrink

    Next I decided to create a full backup; i.e. movie + menu + all possbile bonus/extra material

    Output to ISO will let you burn via dvddecrypter
    Should you prefer NERO, you certainly won’t output to iso

    ONE Click Mode means that the three steps (preparation, encoding, rebuilding) will run one after the other without user interaction

    In most cases you’ll want to start the process and then forget about it until it has finished, thus ONE click is your choice

    "Shutdown at One-Click completion" won't require much words, i should think

    I use this option most of the time, in order to have the pc shut down while i'm away and not using it

    You’re strongly advised to check *Suppress Warning Prompts* or otherwise the encoding process will not run properly!

    Enable “Output” directory will let you choose one path (or more likely haddrive) for the temp-files and another path/hdd for the final OUTPUT

    This option might be useful when disc-space might be an issue so that you can spread the data on different drives/partitions and of course spreading the data on different physical harddrives will result in a little faster processing

    But of course you don’t have to use this option


    Should you be using rebuilder for the first time and intend to run CCE as your encoder, please set the cce-options and save

    From now on cce will run with these settings until you change them again

    For HCEnc I prefer => quality/speed selection => BEST

    Procoder’s option will be set when running ECLPRO the first time – I prefer MASTERING quality with procoder, which is slowest but best


    In rebuilders main window you will load your raw dvd files by going to “Source Path” and clicking on the areas I have marked

    On the right hand side double-click audio or subtitle streams in order to enable or disable them

    The “Destination Path” can be defined but must not necessarily
    (depending on the option => mode => enable output directory)

    “Working path” however will have to be defined in any case

    Having set Source and Destination/Working path, you can now start your BACKUP

    The first usage of rebuilder requires some settings and options; future backups, however, will require only these steps:
    - select input directory
    - select output directory
    - press BACKUP

    All in all it is hardly any work, don’t you agree?

    I like to run two or more titles as a BATCH process

    Should you want to do this as well, go all steps until 8) but do NOT start the BACKUP

    Go to FILE => SAVE PROJECT instead

    Save your project and then open your next dvd material, make your settings and save the second project,…….

    To start the BATCH, go to here:

    Add all your projects and start the process

    While the batch process is running you could go to => FILE => Shutdown at Batch Completion any given time and select or deselect this option in order to have your machine shutdown after the encodings

    This way I might leave my PC in the morning and find it shutdown, when coming home from work – wouldn’t want to miss this option ^_~

    Please keep in mind that the encoder can be easily disturbed by keyboard inputs; in other words: try to stay away from the pc, while they are running or you might by mistake kill a running conversion.

    I prefer to have the conversion run overnight or during working hours of the daytime

    This should hopefully be all one needs as a quickstart

    More to come on certain options/settings in another posting

    Good luck
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    Default A side note about the Installer(s)

    I wanted to submit this little correction on UMCAS guide but the thread is locked so, here's the information.

    The Professional and Freeware (since the last release - 0.94) Installer will install automatically AviSynth if it is not detected on your system.

    The description of the Freeware Installer on my site isn't updated... I'm taking care of it ().

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    thanks for the correction

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