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Thread: change default audio streams with PGCEDIT

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    Default change default audio streams with PGCEDIT

    maybe this might help to change audio streams with pgcedit

    setting language stream number 1 (e.g. GERMAN) to be 2 (or n) and make audio stream number 2 (ENGLISH) the default audio stream number 1

    open your files in pgcedit

    search for the main title (take a look at the length), the audio streams of which you want to change

    click *edit pgc*

    in this new window click the first audio stream (which might be german or french ...)

    now use the slider and move it from position 0 (in my example) to 1
    0 is 0x80 and thus audio stream number 1, whereas 1 is 0x81 and thus stream number 2 (not 1!!!)

    next move former stream number 1 (your english stream) to 0 (i.e. 0x80 which is the primary audio stream)

    finalize this via *SET*

    click *current domain stream attributes*


    as the previous audio stream number (0x80) may have been DE (german) you might now want to set the language to EN(glish)

    for further abbreviations you can click *iso639 language codes* and see what you might need to type into the fields

    this should be all

    hope it helps
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