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Thread: Disney's Bonanza Offer :: get 3 Disney Movies Free!

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    Default Disney's Bonanza Offer :: get 3 Disney Movies Free!

    Join the Disney Movie Club and get Free 3 Disney Movies!

    Pick From 100's Of Disney's Titles Available.

    And Also Save with bonus titles.
    Take Your First Bonus Title at $9.95 VHS or $14.95 DVD
    Take a second bonus title now at 1/2 price - $7.95 VHS or $9.95 DVD

    Click Here to Join
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    I followed your link to directtodeal and it led me to a Disney Movie Site where I have to join up and agree to buy at least 5 movies in the next 2 years . The DVD prices are $19.95 each with a #3.95 shipping and handling fee for the 1st title in each order and a $1.00 processing fee for the others. I think I can do better in a brick and mortar store. Thanks for the link anyway.

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    While I am sure you feel you are informing us, unfortunately your post is simply a promotion for that site, and as such, falls against our rule 12.

    Link changed.


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