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Thread: How to free up some system resources or system memory in XP

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    Even if it doesn't happen to me, thank you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmet View Post
    start > type msconfig > once in the system configuration screen click the start up tab > take the checkmark out of the box of the program you want to disable from starting up (BE VERY CAREFUL WHICH ONES YOU TAKE THE CHECK MARK OUT OF, AS YOU COULD DO MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD)

    If you stretch out the "command" column, it will reveal the path of the executable file which will usually give you a good indication of what program it is. Best thing to do is disable the programs one by one. ie, disable and try to restart to see if any problems were caused)
    Thank for sharing.
    Very helpfull.

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    Super PC Care provides a complete cleanup solution for Windows. It will remove malware, virus from your computer.

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    I read out your question and try to answer it , First of all
    Restart Your Computer
    Update Your Software
    Try a Different Browser
    Clear Your Cache
    Remove Browser Extensions
    Track Memory and Clean Up Processes
    Disable Startup Programs You Don't Need
    Stop Running Background Apps.

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