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Thread: newbie-what am I looking at here

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    Default newbie-what am I looking at here

    I have been having some issues for some time...I guess its about time I seek some help!! First off a little background
    I originally used Prodiscs - been having alot of failures so now use Taiyo yuden (dvd-r 8x)...havent had a failure yet

    I just started reading about labels...Well some of discs that failed worked after I attempted to take off....first question...whats best method to remove...I finally just used water.. but not very pretty..alcohol just seems to get adhesive on surface.Goof that was a mistake!!

    use dvddycrypter and nero 6.6 to burn....anything else? dont seem to have a problem here but not sure.

    new software
    dvdinfo- well thats the main question. what am I looking at here. I attached 4 pics from a disk that wasnt working. Bad is the prodisc. Good is Taiyo after I recrypted and burned. What does the pipo and scan tell me. Reason im asking is that I wanted to go thru all my backups and test whether its disc or labels....either way Im looking at alot of work to fixing my discs

    If this has been discussed in nausating detail can someone point me to the thread that explains this?
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    nero/tool kit/cd-dvdspeed/quality test
    scan 4 or 8x
    read this
    ur half way there already, way past where most ever get!

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