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Thread: three burning problems

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    Default three burning problems

    DVD's have been ripped with decrypter.
    Using Shrink to back up to a DVD9
    All setting are at default, except the option to burn to a dvd9(unless they were changed by accident)
    Using Verbatim dual layer media.
    NEC dual layer burner
    300 gig free space
    socket 939 1 gig memory
    win xp pro
    all software has most recent updates and fixes.

    I'm only experiencing these problems when backing up to DVD9

    I'm experiencing three problems.(using my stand alone DVD player)

    1. The second half of the DVD has no sound. (layer change?)

    2. I get to the root DVD menu and using my remote I can move to each of the selections, like Play, Settings, Options, etc., but when I select nothing happens or it just refreshes the menu. This dvd can be played when I play it on my computer and can open individual files.

    3. I select "Play" from the root menu and the DVD player stops. I press play again and the movie will start and play fine. Also, if I choose "scene selection" it will show previews or sound options and vice versa.

    In problems 2 and 3 its almost as if the root menu selctions and what they do are all messed up.

    These 3 problems are on different discs.

    I have yet to make a backup that works exactly like the original.

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    If these are just straight backups of some of your DVD-9 discs, and you want an exact dupe, with noo editing, re-authoring, etc., then I strongly urge you to forget about using DVDShrink.

    I have had success now on 39 discs using the folowing method:

    1) Start up the latest version of DVDDecrypter, with default settings.
    2) Go to MODE menu, and choose "ISO" "READ R"
    3) Rip the entire disc as an ISO to your hard drive.
    4.) Go to the MODE menu again, and change to "ISO" "WRITE W."
    5.) For the source, navigate to the files on your hard drive that you you just ripped. Choose the "MDS" file.
    6.) For the destination, choose your dual layer burner. Insert a blank dual layer disc (Verbatim DVD+R dual layer is the preferred choice).
    7.) Burn the result. Keep the burning speed slow (2.4X) and no multi-tasking while burning.
    8.) Done.


    You will end up with a perfect dupe of the original, minus the copy protection. The layer change will be exactly where it was on the original, so you have confidence that it is set correctly, and that there are no errors with that (which is the most common problem area in dual layer burning).


    Yes, I know that this is the DVDShrink forum, and this is not the answer you were looking for. However, I do know that DVDShrink does not actually burn; and you mentioned you had ripped with DVDDecrypter in the first place (was this in file mode?). If true, why are you even using DVDShrink? The material will all fit with no shrinking, and using DVDShrink in a case like this would just open up potential problems wih trying to set (or re-set) the layer break, which might be further affected by whatever you used after that to actually burn the thing (since DVDShrink cannot actually burn at all).

    Or, are you doing some re-authoring, and have I misinterpreted something here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spawndude
    Using Shrink to back up to a DVD9
    Why? Do this instead.

    Please supply a log of your burn - it sounds like a burning problem. In the meantime read the golden rules of burning in my signature.


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