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Thread: Cylic Redundacy Check

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    Default Cylic Redundacy Check

    I know this has probably posted already but I really need some help. I have always been using Dynex DVD+R media to make back ups of my movies and I have no problems, but now when I try to make a bakup of a backup I get the annoying error : Cyilic Redundacy Check error. I never had this problem before, i have always made backup's of bakups' on the fly and I really dont know why this is happening now, please help.

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    well first off, that media is very poor quality. making a back-up of a back-up can be impossible sometimes especially with media like that. it's best to use the original to do the back-up.
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    After cleaning and you still get the CRC error, you could try DVD Decrypter with ignore read errors and retries set to zero. Or try DVDab Decrypter to rip it again. Depending upon how bad the backup it might still play pretty good. I keep the original rips for as long as possible so if my backup gets messed up I can make another copy without having to rerip the original. All totaled right now, I have over 600GB of storage with HDD's

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