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Thread: copy digital camera onto DVD

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    Smile copy digital camera onto DVD

    I am new at this so can someone please help me. I am trying to copy our recorded digital video camera onto DVD. I have managed to copy it onto the computer but it does not want to write it onto DVD, it tells me it is not a writeable disc, I am using DVD-R 8x compatiable 4.7GB, please if someone could help me I would be most grateful, thankyou nic1977.

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    Hi nic1977,

    You didn't mention how you transferred your movie from digital camcorder to PC. So I just assume that you did it via firewire and the format is likely to be AVI which you can't burn into DVD and watch with standalone DVD player. If you don't want to edit your movie and just like to convert it to DVD compatible format, author it and burn DVD, I would recommend the TMPGEnc and TMPGEnc DVD Author. These programs are not too difficult to learn and come trial periods for you to test. When everything is done, you can burn it with you burning software. If you need more help, please come back. There will be a lot of talented members here always ready to give you a hand

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