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Thread: LG GSA-4167B DL burn DVD Player Compatability

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    Default LG GSA-4167B DL burn DVD Player Compatability

    Hi. the title says it all. I have one of these LG DL burners. DLs burn fine and play on PC OK, but refuse to play in my Yamada player OR my Sumvision player, although they are OK in my DVD recorder hardware which is Mustek. Is this likely to be a firmware issue, and if so is it firmware on the LG or the palyers or God forbid, both??!!


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    Are you burning to DL DVD+R. These are much more compatible than DL DVD-R due to msot writers also bitsetting the disc to DVD ROM.

    There is still no guarantee that a DL DVD+R will work on all players. My Sony NS585 will not play any DL+ media but my older Sony NS900 does.

    I would think it is your players. However, it is always better to have the most up to date firmware to cope with more different media.

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    Take a look here to see if your standalones are compatible with DL discs

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