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Thread: The problem with Nero...

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    Default The problem with Nero...

    folks this is the nearest forum i could find that relates to the program nero.

    if i'm off topic pls ignore or direct me to the proper forum.

    my issue with nero...

    I recieved at least two copies of nero with dvd burners i've recently purchased. Neither of these disc had the complete 'version' of nero they were instead some kind of 'come-on' to purchase a full blown version... (whole sections of nero were disabled) many circular cycles of adware hype and glitches later i gave up in disgust and tried to remove nero - by now i had downloaded nero ver7. using nero's clean tool, i have not yet been able to *completely* remove the offensive software. and as a result i'm no longer able to copy & burn CD's... a direct result iam certain of nero frass...

    just getting InCd off was a challenge until i found nero's cleaning tools...

    iam however able to copy & burn dvd's, thanks to dvd/fab decrypter and shrink...

    i would like to use nero but don't know which version is THE STABLE one? my system is an asus P4 running windows XP pro sp2.

    if i can not get the nasty nero ver7 off my system then i will not be loading ANY nero on this tower... however, my mate has an older asus P4T (just got a gig of rdram and will be loading win XP pro sp2) so i'd like to try and set up THE GOOD ver of nero on her system for burning CD's...

    my question...

    which is the best version of nero to purchase for my system/s.

    thank you for your patience and this excellent forum.


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    is everything!


    What you've got is called an OEM version (it's a trimmed down version with fewer features, bundled with burners).

    Folks seem to be sticking to Ner0 6.6 as, like most new versions, Ner0 7, seems to be having more than its fair share of teething problems, including, CD burning of all things.

    For mine, uninstall it and run with burning ISO images with DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn (but everyone knows my disposition towards Ner0, so you might like to canvass others' opinions).


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    i got nero 6 OEM with my writer, updated once to and have never had any trouble. i don't feel the need to update since i have no problems. i use nero express for all my burning needs. this version in particular i consider (and other members here have said) is "stable"
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    thanks blutach and lt columbo...

    i shant be using nero any time soon...

    but i'd sure like to copy CD's... i fear there is some residual nero7 left in my system. as a result iam unable to successfully copy any CD's whether i use, windows media player or ulead movie factory... i get a partial burn then an error msg...

    loosing CD disc is all i'm doing at this point.

    i do not understand how to copy a CD using decrypter (don't think one can) or imageburn... or... ISO images

    any suggestions for trouble shooting this problem?

    thanks again.


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