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Thread: Media Deals - Week of 12/11

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    Default Media Deals - Week of 12/11

    Just to let all know who are looking to stock up on their favorite media...

    BestBuy is running a special of 50 SONY DVD +/- Rs for $14.99 after instant rebates through Saturday.

    Also I found out last week that Sam's Club offers a spindle of 100 VERBATIM DVD +/- Rs for $38.00. To the best of my knowledge I believe this is all the time and not just a one week offer.

    That's my shopping update for the week of the 11th - 17th!

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    I am about ready to start experimenting with Dual Layer DVD's (since I just purchased a Liteon DVD burner that supports DL DVD's). Any recommendations on trusted brands or good sales would be appreciated. The only ones I have seen so far were some high priced (3 Per) packages from Circuit City. The price still seemed a little steep for experimenting / DVD Movie Backups (currently using the DVDshrink method)!

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    Blu endorses Verbatim DL
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    great deal on the sony's, i usually have to scrape up $19 for a 50.
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    I like Sony and Maxell. I can usually find them around here for what works out to be under $15 for 50. Always happy to get 50 disc for under $15. Which brings me to Verbatrim. They are apparantly pretty good because Office Depot has a 50 pack this week for $12.99.
    Speaking of the DL, my burner has that. I wanted to make sure so as not to be obsolete right away. Lol. Anyway, I am always hearing staying away from Memorex dvd period, but especially the DL. Funny, all I see around here in DL is Memorex. Everyone has the three pack. I too wanted to experiment just for fun. Target had a three pack for like $12, but didn't get since they were Memorex.
    Anyway too, if you do not have a Best Buy, Staples do has the Sony's, but for a buck more.

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    I was just reading about the sony's in another forum this morning,
    seems the ones to get are the +R's made in japan, they are about as good as it gets, but the made in tawain don't quite compare.

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