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Thread: Same Backup DvdD/ImgBurn Wierd Results

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    Default Same Backup DvdD/ImgBurn Wierd Results

    Now I am going to try and get this right and post a couple of logs here goes.Disc #1(label)DvdD/Menushrink/Dvd Shrink/DvdD first ever burn error.Nero scanned disk title#1 chapter 15 quality 47/title #1 chapter 21 quality 35.Do not have log.Disc #2(no label) DvdD/Menushrink(I don't know why was going to do whole dvd then changed my mind did not want to take extra time for possible coaster)/Dvd Shrink/DvdD no problem burned and verified.ImgBurn first time try it out disc #3(label) iso/ImgBurn burn error.Disc #4(no label) iso/ImgBurn no problem until the very end of verify approx 98% 4 retries but completed. could have been anything I guess fingerprint or bad outside etc.This was the same backup and the same discs that I have had no problem with except for one out of about 150. Attachment 3541 Attachment 3542 I thought I would post back with the conclusion to this little experiment before I run out of discs.The discs I was using above Dynex DVD-R MID AN31.Same iso but Sony DVD+R MID D11-00 no problem burned in 13 minutes and about the same to verify.
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