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Thread: Sony's DVD Burner Saves Videos, Photos With or Without a PC

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    Default Sony's DVD Burner Saves Videos, Photos With or Without a PC

    Connected to a computer, Sony Electronics' new USB 2.0 external DVD recorder can burn DVD+R and DVD-R discs at 16X speed, saving 4.7GB of data in about 6 minutes. The DVDirect VRD-MC1 also writes DVD±RW, CD-R and CD-RW, and double-layer DVD±R media and makes copies of DVDs of home movies and digital photos -- which it can create without a computer.

    In addition to analog S-Video and composite and digital (FireWire) inputs for real-time transfer of home video footage from a camcorder or VCR tape, the $299 drive can record digital photos to DVD from a CompactFlash, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, or xD flash card, either as a slide show that can be watched on a DVD player or simply as a backup of the full-resolution JPEG files.

    Up to 12 hours of hardware-encoded MPEG-2 video can be stored on a double-layer DVD+R, with six hours of video or 2,000 photos on single-layer media. Shipping in January, the VRD-MC1 has a 2-inch color LCD screen for previewing video and images in standalone mode. Credit: Hardware Central

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    Question Upgrade of Sony's VC20 ?

    I just bought a Sony VC20 DVdirect DVD Recorder .. how much different is this new product ?


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