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Thread: Plextor On Sale

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    Default Plextor On Sale

    I was looking in Sundays paper and Bestbuy has a sale on <a href=" 61598">Plextors</a> for $89.99 plus a $50 rebate not a bad deal if your looking to get yourself one just thought I would give a heads up for those interested
    Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum
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    Thanks for the heads up! I moved it to the appropriate forum.

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    now the whole scoop,
    and this you're gonna love, the printed ad also said 2-10 packs of DL media,
    some drives have +r tdk's inside,
    however corporate has overridden the local decision to disqualify the mistake
    and said "The Dec. 1B ad incorrectly offers a free 20-pack of
    double-layer media packaged with the Plextor DVD
    drive box (SKU 7326182). l t actually includes singlelayer
    media, not double. lf needed, offer two packs of
    the 10-pack Verbatim double-layer media (SKU
    7142157) for free to compensate customers for the
    misprint. A correction notice is posted."

    and the drive is a benq 1640 which you can't find anymore!

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