Need an assist on dropped frame issue. I am capturing from a DVD source, my signal string is as follows:

s-vhs(no TBC) or DVD Player > SCC Pro > ATI 9600 (I have an AP-41 TBC on the way)

I noticed 2 things, first the ATI Video Soap seems to be useless, when capturing video using Soap the audio/video go out of sync IMMEDIATELY (within 1 minute) so I have since discounted it as a useful tool unless someone can point out the problem. But this not the main issue.

When capturing from a DVD source (using the above signal path) the frame drops run wild(in the thousands) when the the SCC Pro is removed/bypassed..........not 1 frame drop.......NONE! So my question is 2 fold, will the TBC stop this, and is putting last in the signal path where it's supposed to be(which is where I was planning on putting it). I very much need the SCC for exactly what it does Correct Color (besides the obvious reason for having it). Thanks in advance for any help.