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Thread: New to DVD recording and confused..

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    Default New to DVD recording and confused..

    Hello folks,

    I recently purchased a DVD recorder (a stand-alone one which is not a part of the computer). I recorded a program from TV onto a DVD using the recorder and when I play it on the recorder, it works fine. However, I removed the DVD from the recorder and put it into my computer dvd disk drive (NEC DVD-RW ND-6650a) to play onto the computer but the drive does not read the DVD even though the actual DVD recorder I recorded it on plays it back. The computer says that there is nothing recorded on the DVD disk, but there is something recorded on it.

    Any ideas what the problem could be?


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    you may burn to your computer again and not the dvd

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    did your settop come with a manual, the dvd may have to be closed

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    My first though was the same as Chewy's. It seems like the disc is not closed. You could try using DvDDcrypter to close the disc and see if that solves the problem. You can get Decrypter here:

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