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Thread: Pioneer Prepares to Launch Blu-ray Disc Drive

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    Default Pioneer Prepares to Launch Blu-ray Disc Drive

    Pioneer plans to unveil at the International Consumer Electronics Show its first Blu-ray Disc format optical disc drive for personal computers, it said this week. The drive will go on sale in Japan at the end of January pending the completion of two licensing issues, the company says.

    The BDR-101A drive is compatible with non-cartridge single-layer recordable BD-R and rewritable BD-RW discs and single and dual-layer read-only BD-ROM discs, the company says. It is also compatible with a wide range of DVD-based media and can write DVD-R and DVD-RW discs, says Pioneer.

    Pioneer plans to initially offer it direct to Japanese PC makers for inclusion in their desktop computers and systems and will later expand sales to other countries, says Akira Muneto, a spokesperson for Pioneer in Tokyo. It's scheduled to be available in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2006. This schedule means that PCs on the market boasting Blu-ray Disc support could appear in the first half of 2006.

    The drive will have an ATAPI interface that delivers a data transfer rate of 33MB per second, says Muneto.

    The company did not specify a price for the drive or plans for sales of the drive direct to consumers. Credit: PC World

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    Default is the switch gonna be worth it?

    it sounds interesting, but then there will have to be new programs to get to rip/burn right? and new drives etc.... i personally think im gonna stick w/dvd as long as i can, inless blu ray is just that much better and people get the programs out as fast as can be!... i just hate switching, i remember the vhs to dvd switch, lost so much money...and im close to 300 movies i think, finally!

    so heres the question right quick, whats everyones opinion on this, do you think it will be worth switching? and i believe ps3 is comen stock w/one too! sony's got there fingers in this one lol....


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    unless it is under 100 and there is a new dvdd for bluray there will be a long time I would touch it

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