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Thread: Home made DVDs vs Big Company DVDs

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    Default Home made DVDs vs Big Company DVDs

    I have one (12th) customer's and her 5 families's dvd players will not play either home-made photo-montage video DVD-R or DVD+R but it works for me and my families/friends. I have already read most of the forum. I will get down to the point. I wonder how Hollywood Video DVDs work 99.99% on everybody's dvd players while we can not ? What programs did 'big companies' use to burn on 'what kind' of DVDs to use with and will works 99.99% for everybody (such as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video etc)

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    Not sure what you mean, but it has to do with what kind of DVD you burn on. I use DVD+R's, but those will not work in DVD-R only players. Same is true in reverse. But, DVD+R supports what is called "changing the booktype", and if you set it to DVD-ROM, it will act the same as a DVD from Blockbuster, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChad
    What programs did 'big companies' use to burn on 'what kind' of DVDs to use with and will works 99.99% for everybody (such as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video etc)
    Mass produced DVDs aren't burnt, they're stamped aluminum(or other metal substance). The reason alot of the older DVD players can not read burnt media is because they weren't designed to read through the different variations (pits and lands) of dye, they were only designed to read the pits and lands off of the highly reflective surface of an aluminum disc.

    I could be wrong, but I think that's the reason. If I'm wrong, well

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    With the right burner, firmware and bitsetting on premium media
    almost perfect compatility can be achieved.

    I would consider this to be a minimal standard for professional recording.

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    kronos is correct. commercial dvd's are stamped not burnt and set to dvd-rom.
    Chewy is correct their is no substitute for good media, burner etc. some dvd players do play burnt media better

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    "Stamped" can also be said as "Pressed". I and many others refer to them as "Pressed DVD's".

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