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Thread: Encode 5.1 Audio

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    Default Encode 5.1 Audio

    Someone replied before with a great link but I didn't have time to read thru it all. By the time I had time to read it, the forums had been lost.

    If anyone has that link, please post it again. I'm trying to encode 5.1 sound as I don't want to lose that when I convert my DVD's to divx format.

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    ripping and keeping 5.1 sound is pretty easy.

    just copy all the vobs on dvd to your harddisk. now encode them, for example with flaskmpeg. just use your usual video settings. The only thing diffrent is your audio-setting. instead of using the "mp3"-codec, u leave audio "PCM-uncompressed" and make sure, that the file is saved to disk, not integrated in the avi. (to do that, use "direct stream copy". That will give u an .ac3 FIle on your Disk.

    after encoding, u use nandub (not virtualdub) to put avi and ac3-file togeteher. choose audio -> ac3 and select the file.
    then choose the videofile. make sure, that u use Direct-Stream-Copy in the video-setting.

    after all that, just save the avi to your HDD and enjoy a 5.1 DD Movie. IMPORTANT ! Dont use WMP. Use PowerdivX, u can download on digital-Digest. Still no sound ? Download ac3-Filters also.
    Have fun
    There is always a way u can handle it...

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