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Thread: Sony DRU720A

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    Angry Sony DRU720A

    I have a Sony DRU720A Dual Layered DVD Burner. When I first installed it I was able to use dual layered DVDs in it but recently I had to reformat my hard drive and now when I put a DL DVD in it says it has 0 Free space and 0 Total Space. When I try to burn something on to the disc with Nero it shows how much space is on the DVD and how much is left after I choose what I want to burn onto the DVD but when I click the burn button it says there is not enough room on the DVD even if i'm only using up have the DVD becausse when I click on the DRU720A drive in my drives list it says the DVD has 0 Free Space and 0 Total Space even though its a blank DVD.

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    Try unplugging your burner and rebooting your computer
    then shut it off again and plug it in again and if your computer still doesnt recognize things right...
    goto pick out your
    burner number dru-720a and download the firmware update.....version JY07.....and flash your drive
    *also there are patches and fixes for windows on the same screen depending on your version of windows.
    *and check the media compatibility on this same screen *Verbatim is the only DL listed.
    *according to PCWORLDS latest testing Sony drives must be allowed to cool off between DL burns.
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